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The activities department at Redwood Springs does an amazing job of making residents feel like friends and family. We get to know our residents and provide a welcoming and encouraging environment for fun and independence.

Daily activities range from light social interactions and refreshments to live music entertainment with dancing and singing. Every Sunday non-denominational religious services take place and during the week communion is offered to all Catholic residents.

Residents really enjoy:

  • the variety of games and exercises
  • evening Bingos
  • getting out on the town to see a Rawhide Baseball game
  • community events
  • dining out at a restaurant
  • shopping
  • and of course, going to the casino!

We have 3 beautiful patios and a healing garden for those who enjoy the outdoors. The patios are a popular place for family visits, having BBQs, playing a game of dominoes or cards with the patio attendant, enjoying the bird aviary that has cockatiels, parakeets and a talking parrot named Cappy. We welcome resident’s guests to participate in activities and join in the fun. Our residents help with the planning of events and we are always adding new activities to try new things and meet the interests of our population.

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